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Inuheats webshop
Inuheat reached out to us because they needed assistance in creating instructional videos for their products. As the project progressed, our collaboration evolved, leading us to build their online shop, create brand-building videos, and capture product photos.

Project goal

Building a webshop that loads quickly for the sake of user-friendliness, without having to compromise on the aesthetic expression.

With a focus on details

What made the collaboration particularly challenging and enjoyable was working alongside Tomas Pernek at Inuheat. With a background as a web designer, he possesses a sense of how details impact the overall picture.

Having a client with an understanding of design afforded us the privilege to dedicate extra time to crafting a visual sensation that stands out from the crowd. We were also fortunate to delve into Adobe After Effects for video and Photoshop for photo editing.

Bring out the camera

We photographed their entire product range and also captured environmental photos that illustrate the benefits of Inuheat's products.

The result

Given that we have implemented multiple videos on the website, light-weight integrations are necessary to ensure the site continues to perform well in terms of loading speed. Loading speed is a crucial aspect of user-friendliness.

We always strive for a strong combination of design and performance, and the result speaks for itself.
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When we were on Orust to shoot the commercial at Ottestala Schakt, we had already completed several productions together. By this point, we knew exactly what was required, how long it would take, and the expression we wanted to present. 
It was autumn, and the seasonal product focus included generators and interior products, so we decided to simulate a machine stoppage where we could naturally showcase the products in their natural environment. It was meant to be cold, dirty, and generally challenging, and then - Olsson Parts to the rescue!
Gravel dust and delicate electronics are a questionable combination.
Even though this is precisely the point of the commercial, it quickly became apparent that neither the drone nor my 4-axis stabilized camera were particularly impressed by the stone dust from the crusher, which hung like a haze over the entire gravel pit. I don't know how long I spent cleaning the equipment afterward with a cotton swab!
3...2...1.. Action!
Since we know exactly what we need to do, how much time it will take, and what we'll achieve from the session, it's very straightforward for the client to budget their productions. As it's morning and sunrise, we start filming from the ground to capture the atmospheric light, then we proceed with the photo session. The final steps involve capturing drone footage and interior shots.
Time for high-fives, pats on the back, and cinnamon buns! Now all that's left is to head back to the office in Skärhamn and start editing the footage.

The result

På exakt 4 timmar har vi filmat 3st reklamfilmer (en längre och två korta) samt en fotosession.  Resultatet blev riktigt bra och utrustningen överlevde stendammet! Dubbel Succé!
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